TENTA is a new modernized enterprise which introduced the Taiwan capacitor production line in 1991.TENTA produces all kinds of metallized polyester and polypropylene film capacitors with wide voltage range.TENTA also develops and manufactures different types of capacitors to meet customers'requirements .Its manufacture warehouse with high standard advanced workmanship and testing equipments ,production skills and mature workmanship,all of them is
your confidential guarantee.

All of TENTA'S products conform to more than fourteen safety tandards including VDE,UL,IMQ,CSA,CQC,ENEC,
O,and KTL,and we got ISO 9000 Quality System Certificate in 1999.TENTA established its Bao An TENTA Branch Factory in 1999, and had finished the transform of ISO 9001.2000 Certificate in 2001.TENTA got the ISO 14001 certificate in January 2007.

Since 2003,all of TENTA's Capacitors comply with EU RoHS and Japan SONY-SS-00259. TENTA has expanded its manufacturing scale in order to content to customer's requirements and to expand its sell scope .

TENTA'S products are used in calculator screens,electric stoves ,economy energy lamps,power supply,telephone, stere set equipment ,digit electricity, electrical tools,motors,filtering etc,60% of TENTA'S products are sold to all over the countries ,such as Europe, America, Japan,HongKong, India ,Korea etc.Stabilization and high quality production as target,satisfying the customers's needs as an aim of TENTA's style. Welcome And advice for more details.